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Yusyaev Alexey Sergeevich, Postgraduate student, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. The present stage of development of literary science is conditioned by increasing interest to the new, poorly-studied works in the Russian literature of the late XIX – early XX centuries. The relevance of this study is determined by the urgent need to expand and systematize the studied range of artistic material from general-theoretical positions. It will allow to look differently at the genre classifica-tion in the course of the realistic direction and its types. The goal of this work is to consider uniqueness of the traditional type of perspective from positions of its refraction in the new ideological and composite environment.
Materials and methods. As a text material of the research we used the creative heritage of P. D. Boborykin and V. A. Gilyarovsky as the main followers of the con-sidered direction. The special attention is paid to the novels «China-town» and «Moscow and Muscovites» as to the most significant works where the main theore-tical aspects of art naturalism were realized. The study was implemented using the traditional methodological basis which includes the descriptive and comparative methods.
Results. It is proved that in the conditions of the new literary movement the tradi-tional literary categories can be presented differently because of several recently ac-quired functions. As a result the social component of the narrative plays a special role. The problem is considered as one of the essential components of a holistic lite-rary work by the example of the two largest and most important naturalistic works.
Conclusions. Consideration of traditional literary categories, taking into account features of their realization in the new art environment allows to make a more accu-rate and objective classification of the analyzed works by a number of parameters. It enables to mark their identity, ideologically and structurally, and to approach the definition of their position in the overall literary process.  

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Boborykin, Gilyarovskiy, novel, problems, estate. 

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